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Liger at Tripoli Zoo in Libya

A Liger Zoo in Libya exists with a name of Tripoli Zoo. There is at least one liger at this Tripoli Zoo. This Liger Zoo is situated at Libya’s capital city Tripoli, and therefore; this zoo is named because of its capital city Tripoli. If you are living in Northern Africa or in Libya, then Tripoli Zoo is your best bet to watch and experience the liger through your naked eyes. The exact address of this liger zoo is “Tripoli Zoo, Second Ring Road, Near Al-Nasr Forest, Tripoli, Libya”. There are hundreds of animals at this liger zoo and the liger is one of them, therefore; classifying it as a very unique zoo because of possession of the ligers. Other big cats at this Liger Zoo include lions, white lions, tigers, white tigers, Leopards, Snow Leopards and even Jaguars as well.

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Picture of a Liger at Tripoli Zoo in Libya. Photo Courtesy of 

The only liger present at this Liger Zoo in Tripoli is a male liger. This male liger was born in Germany and it was purchased for a lot of sums before it was brought to Libya’s Tripoli Zoo. This liger was born during the year 2009. Currently this liger (if he is alive) is around 5 years old. This liger weighs well above 600 pounds. The name of this liger at Tripoli Zoo is still not known, and no online information resource basically reveals its name so far which is surely an example of bad online information publicity of their animals. A very serious concern is that after Libyan Revolution of 2011, there is no further news of this liger which might also indicate that this liger would have died because of starvation.

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At least 1 Male Liger lives at Tripoli Liger Zoo in Libya. This Liger Zoo was brought to Tripoli Liger Zoo from Germany. Photo Courtesy of 

Tripoli Zoo is a very famous Zoo in Libya. This Liger Zoo is also the biggest Zoo of Libya. However; during 2011, this Zoo did meet a very sad fate, as animals were starving because of the civil war. Many animals died during that period because of neglect and fleeing of the workers during the war days. A huge degree of cruelty is observed during that period as well. There was no international charity funding for the zoo and most probably some opportunity seekers have taken revenge against the innocent animals as well. Liger is not seen during any coverage about the animals during the civil war period.

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Tripoli Liger Zoo is a famous Liger Zoo because of the presence of the ligerr in Libya. However; the Libyan civil war took a big toll of this liger zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

If you are thinking that the Libyan liger would have been living in some special big cat enclosure, like the ones which we see in Europe or USA, then let’s be very straight about it because this is not the case. Among all the big cats we have seen at this liger zoo of Tripoli, all the big cats including the liger were living in small enclosures. The situation got worst, when these big cats including liger, were forced to starve during the civil war period of the year 2011 in Libya. Some of the animals were killed during this period as well, and we are currently worried that a liger which was purchased from Germany might have been the victim of such cruel acts.

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A liger at its enclosure at Tripoli Liger Zoo in Libya. Photo Courtesy of 

There are two significant liger related events that are associated with Libya’s Tripoli Liger Zoo. The first one can be taken during the year 2009 when the Libyan authorities purchased the liger from the German Zoo. How much it cost Libyan Authorities at that time this is not disclosed? And neither the Germans disclosed it. While the second event was after 2 years, during the civil war when the zoo was totally destroyed and animals were starving to death. International News Agencies such as BBC, Reuters, CNN and many other quoted this news and stressed the need to rescue the poor animals at the Tripoli Zoo. It was also the moment when the rarest photo of the liger from Tripoli Zoo was captured by the BBC photographer.

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The current liger at Tripoli Liger Zoo in Libya was purchased from a German Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

As long as you are in Libya, you may try to go to this Liger Zoo and watch the liger. Otherwise it is not recommended to move to Libya’s Tripoli city for a liger, as the country is still far from being stable from civil war and regime change. There hasn’t been any positive news about this zoo so far in the recent years but negatives are to the maximum extent.

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Unfortunately after the civil war in Tripoli Libya, there are no further updates about the only liger that was at Libyan Tripoli Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 


Is there any liger at Norther African country named as Libya?

Yes, there has been petitions to rescue a liger during the Libyan Civil war. So this does confirm the presence of the liger at Libya.

At which city in Libya this liger was living or sighted?

This liger was living in Libya’s Tripoli city which is also the capital city of Libya.

What is the name of the Zoo which has a liger at Libya’s Tripoli city?

The name of this liger zoo is Tripoli Zoo. This zoo is named after Libya’s capital Tripoli and it is located at Tripoli city.

Where did this Tripoli Zoo got the liger? Did they breed the liger at their zoo?

This liger at Tripoli Zoo is believed to be imported from Germany. The birth timing of this liger in Germany is not disclosed in any reference though.

What was the gender of the liger at Libya’s Tripoli Zoo?

This liger which was living at Libya’s Tripoli Zoo was the male liger.

What was the size of the liger at Libya’s Tripoli Zoo?

This liger weighed around 750 to 800 pounds and it looked to be as long as almost 10 feet.