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Liger at Sierra Safari Zoo, Nevada, USA | Liger Zoos

Ligers are part of Sierra Safari Zoo from at least last 2 decades. This liger zoo is located at Nevada in United States. If you live in Nevada or within its suburbs, and you are eagerly waiting to have a live experience with a liger, then Sierra Safari Zoo should be your best and choice. The exact address of this liger zoo is “Sierra Safari Zoo, 10200, North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada (NV) 89506, USA”. Sierra Safari Zoo started its operations during 1990 and as of 2014 it has been almost 24 years to their zoo related activities and operations. Sierra Safari Zoo offers perfect habitat for many different animals including ligers and other big cats.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Zoo - Sierra Safari Zoo at Nevada, USA.

Sierra Safari Zoo is also a Liger Zoo and it is located at US state of Nevada. Photo Courtesy of 

Hobbs the liger was the part of Sierra Safari Zoo for almost 2 decades. Please do keep in mind that Hobbs the liger is the biggest liger and the biggest of big cats ever recorded in this world. Many sources (references from EBSCOHOST journals) specifically mention that Hobbs the liger weighed as much as 1600 pounds. Currently the biggest liger in the world which is Hercules the liger weighs around 921 pounds. However; many people argue that Hobbs the liger was an obese liger, while Hercules the liger is a truly a non-obese liger. Hobbs the liger is a big historical asset of the Sierra Safari Zoo. Currently Sierra Safari Zoo has a female liger named as Kalika the Liger. Kalika the liger weighs around 400 pounds in weight and she is a very gentle personality.

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Picture of Hobbs the Liger at Seirra Safari Zoo in Reno, Nevada, USA. Hobbs the liger weighed as much as 1600 pounds. Photo Courtesy of 

Sierra Safari Zoo is a very popular destination across Nevada, USA. The presence of the liger further increases the worth of this zoo as ligers are very rare all around the world and very few countries around the world have ligers. Therefore; it makes Sierra Safari Zoo as a very unique one as well. This liger Zoo is owned by 3 individuals named as Dale McDaniel, Jimmie Martin and Dave Dawson. All of these individuals are known to be having a great interest within exotic animals and their interest took them to this field of animal conservation and zoo industry.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Female Liger Kalika at Sierra Safari Zoo, Nevada, USA.

Kalika is a female liger that also beongs to Seirra Safari Liger Zoo located in US State of Nevada. Photo Courtesy of 

Liger at the Sierra Safari Zoo is kept within a huge enclosure. Previously Hobbs the liger was also kept in a huge enclosure as well. Enclosures are often switched as well and sometimes animals are kept within medium sized enclosure and often they are set free within very huge and spacious enclosures where they freely roam and move around. All the enclosures at the Sierra Safari Zoo fully comply with the safety and security policies and procedures of USDA. Therefore; if you will ever visit Sierra Safari Zoo, you will be guaranteed a better safety and security against any animal threats. Medical Staff is also available at the zoo who take care of the ligers and other animals, while the enclosures are cleaned regularly. All the ligers and other big cats observed at Sierra Safari Zoo do look perfect in terms of their health. This is a perfect indication that Zoo authorities are taking care of these animals on regular basis.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Enclosure at Sierra Safari Liger Zoo. Female Liger Kalika the liger sitting at Sierra Safari Zoo.

A Liger at its enclosure at Sierra Safari Liger Zoo in Nevada, USA. Liger are kept within large to medium size enclosures and they are cared in a proper manner. Photo Courtesy of 

Liger related events are rather rare at Sierra Safari Zoo. Many resources have collected information about Hobbs the liger and recognized Hobbs the liger as the biggest liger weighing 1600 pounds. Even though Hobbs the liger is the biggest liger ever and also the biggest of big cats ever, but yet still very few people in the world know about Hobbs the liger. Their website does not mention anything about Hobbs the liger and a very little information is available about Kalika the liger. Other website sources have more information about their animals than their own website. Therefore; they need to focus on creating news buzz about their ligers.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Hobbs Weighed 1600 pounds. The Biggest Liger ever to Live on Planet Earth.

Hobbs the Liger weighed as much as 1600 pounds. Hobbs the liger died during the year 2007. Hobbs the liger is believed to be the biggest liger ever to live on planet earth. Photo Courtesy of  

Overall experience of Sierra Safari Zoo is very positive. The presence of the ligers as at a zoo is a real bonus. However; this Sierra Safari Zoo is not as much bigger as compared to the other zoos. Perhaps it might be one of the smallest of the liger Zoos we have studied so far in our analysis. Yet still this zoo will still offer you all the exotic animals you ever wish to see in the real life. Many famous and huge zoos in USA will disappoint you in terms of availability of the exotic big cats, but Sierra Safari Zoo will still offer you to observe all of these animals.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Sierra Safari Liger Zoo is famous because of the presence of Kalika the Liger.

Currently as of 2014, the presence of Kalika the liger has really boost the popularity of Sierra Safari Liger Zoo in Reno, Nevada, USA. Photo Courtesy of 

People love to visit Sierra Safari Liger Zoo because of the presence of the liger at this liger zoo.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Reno Liger Zoo has a female like called Kalika the liger.

Picture of a Liger at Reno Zoo which is also known as Sierra Safari Liger Zoo. The current picture is of a female liger called Kalika the liger. Photo Courtesy of  


Are there any ligers in the State of Nevada, USA?

Yes, there have been ligers at couple of zoos in Nevada, USA.

What is the name of that liger zoo in Nevada, which has ligers?

The name of the liger zoo, which has ligers, is called Sierra Safari Zoo.

Where exactly is Sierra Safari Zoo located?

Sierra Safari Zoo is located at North Virginia, Reno Street, Nevada, USA.

Did Sierra Safari Zoo have any famous ligers?

Yes, Sierra Safari zoo had a famous liger named as Hobbs the liger. Hobbs the liger was as big as 1200 pounds and some accounts also revealed that he was 1600 pounds as well.

Does Sierra Safari Zoo still have ligers?

Yes Sierra Safari Zoo has one female liger.

What is the name of the liger at Sierra Safari Zoo?

The name of the liger at Sierra Safari Zoo is Kalika the liger. Kalika is a female liger and she weighs around 400 pounds.