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Liger at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, USA | Liger Zoos

Utah’s Hogle Zoo can also be classified as a liger zoo. This liger zoo had a very famous history about ligers. Long ago during the 20th century many visitors visiting this zoo had witnessed the liger. However; unfortunately currently Utah’s Hogle Zoo does not have any liger at its premises but rather they do have a very rich history about a particular liger named as Shasta the liger. If you are interested in visiting this zoo you can always visit this zoo at this complete address “Utah’s Hogle Zoo, 2600 Sunnyside Avenue (840 South) Salt Lake City, Utah (UT) 84108”. Utah’s Hogle Zoo is well spread across 50 acres of land and it has been always a home for hundreds of animal species including lions, tigers, ligers, pumas, jaguars, caracals, and leopards etc.

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A Liger Zoo in Utah is called Utah's Hogle Zoo. This liger zoo has a huge history and holds a big popularity for one of its liger. Photo Courtesy of 

As mentioned earlier, Utah’s Hogle Zoo had one liger, named as Shasta the liger. This liger lived for 24 years, and made a world record for highest calculated age for a liger to live on earth. Shasta the liger was born at Hogle Zoo during the year 1948 and lived till 1972. During that period of time Shasta the liger made a huge popularity globally as well, because ligers were extremely rare at that time, and for a female liger to live that long was even further rare. At the height of its health, Shasta the liger weighed more than 400 pounds. However; during the last days of its life Shasta the liger’s weight reduced by half to around less than 200 pounds. Utah’s Hogle Zoo holds a very rich history in this regard, and Shasta the liger is still their biggest animal celebrity asset.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Shasta the Liger at Utah's Hogle Zoo in Utah. Hogle Zoo is a famous liger Zoo.

Shasta the liger was part of Utah's Hogle Zoo in Utah. Shasta the liger lived for 24 years and she made a world record for a largest living liger on earth. Photo Courtesy of 

Today; Utah’s Hogle Zoo is still famous because of ligers but the zoo itself does not have any liger. Only once it had Shasta the liger and the contribution of the zoo was that much dedicated for Shasta the liger at that time, that today people still label it as a liger zoo as well. The Zoo is in operation since 1931 and it has a huge history about many different animals but its biggest history is still associated with Shasta the liger. Utah’s Hogle Zoo is well-organized zoo and it is well managed by trained animal trainers with professional experience.

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Utah's Liger Zoo has a very famous history with ligers. Shasta the liger is a great asset of Utahs Hogle Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

Shasta the liger when it lived at Utah’s Hogle Zoo from 1948 to 1972; spent its live in an enclosed enclosure. The enclosure was an indoor shelter with a concrete ceiling and flooring. This is based upon the evidence that is being received from the videos and pictures at that time. Even at that time when the safety and precautionary measures by the authorities within United States were not strict, yet still the enclosure where Shasta the liger lived was fully secure and safe for the visitors visiting the zoo. Shasta the liger was kept on a very healthy diet and that is also one of the key reasons that a big cat like Shasta the liger was easily being able to live that much longer i.e., 24 years.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Enclosure of Shasta the liger at Utah's Hogle Zoo, USA.

Picture of Shasta the liger at its enclosure, when it lived at Utah's Hogle Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

There were few liger related events at Utah’s Hogle Zoo in the past. However; currently there are hardly any events regarding ligers at Utah’s Zoo. Past liger events at Utah’s Hogle Zoo specifically focused on Shasta the liger. The age of Shasta the liger gained a huge popularity worldwide, while after her death, Shasta the liger was transferred to Bean’s Museum and her stuff is even still preserved at that museum as well. Shasta is the only liger in the world whose body has been preserved at a museum and surely she lived with a great dignity and her record 24 years life has been a great hallmark of it.

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Picture of Shasta the liger at Bean Museum. The body of Shasta the liger was preserved and it was brought from Utah's Hogle Zoo to Bean Museum for its preservation and display. Photo Courtesy of 

Utah’s Hogle Zoo should focus on bringing more ligers to their zoo. This way they will be able to preserve their enrich history of Shasta the liger. Every new arrival of the liger will always remind people at Utah’s Hogle Zoo about Shasta the liger. Apart from that overall experience of Utah’s Hogle Zoo has been positive by the visitors. and has both rated positively about the zoo in terms of visitors’ experience and visitors’ satisfaction with the zoo. Certainly, if currently they are missing something at the zoo, that will be indeed the liger, and the presence of the liger at this zoo will make things go around for them even further as well.

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Utah's Hogle Zoo has gained a huge degree of popularity because of Shasta the liger. Photo Courtesy of 


Are there any ligers at the State of Utah in USA?

Yes there has been couple of ligers at the State of Utah in United State of America.

Which zoos in the state of Utah have ligers?

There is only one zoo in Utah, which has liger, and that zoo is known as Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Where exactly is Utah’s Hogle Zoo located?

Utah’s Hogle Zoo is located at Sunny Side Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Did Shasta the liger live at Utah’s Hogle Zoo?

Yes, Shasta the liger lived at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Why is Shasta the liger so famous?

Shasta the liger is famous because she holds the record of longest living liger on planet earth. Shasta the liger lived for 24 years.

Does Utah’s Hogle Zoo still have any liger?

As far as we know, right now there are no ligers at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.