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Wuxi Animal Zoo, Jiangsu, China | Liger Zoos

Wuxi Animal Zoo is also a Liger Zoo, as it displays at least 2 ligers at its zoo premises. This Liger Zoo is located at Jiangsu Province of China, which is the part of the Eastern Chinese region. If you are from Eastern China region or living at Jiangsu, and you are interested in watching the ligers then you have two options either you can visit Hongshan Forest Zoo or you can visit Wuxi Animal Zoo. The exact address of this liger zoo is “Wuxi Animal Zoo, No. 99 Qianrong Road, Binhu District, Wuxi 214063, Jiangsu, China”. This liger zoo is massive in size as it covers at least an area of 128 acres of land and it has 100s of rare species of animals, birds and marine life.

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Wuxi Animal Zoo in Jiangsu region of China is a second Liger Zoo which we have identified so far in our pursuit for tracking liger zoos from around the world. Photo Courtesy of 

Ligers became the part of the Wuxi Animal Zoo during the year 2014. Before that there weren’t any ligers at this zoo. As mentioned before; currently there are two ligers at this zoo. Both of these ligers are believed to be the brothers who were born with a gap of 2 years apart. One of the liger is 4 years old and it weighs 880 to 900 pounds, while the other male liger weighs around 500 pounds as it is currently just 2 years old. Both the ligers are brought to the zoo from another zoo which means that Wuxi Zoo ligers were not born here at the zoo. The names of these two male ligers are still not known, and perhaps it will be a matter of time before such information will be available online.

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Picture of a Liger at Wuxi Animal Zoo in Jiangsu China. Photo courtesy of  

The full name of this liger zoo is “Wuxi Animal Zoo – Taihu Fun Park”. Therefore; this liger zoo is not only a zoo but it also offers theme park activities as well to ensure maximum entertainment for the visitors. As far as ligers are concerned this zoo has leased both of these ligers from another zoo, and paid a reasonable amount of money for them. The exact amount of money is not stated though, but it will be relatively huge because ligers are very unique and rare all around the world. This zoo understands the importance and promotional message of the big cats to the public and the presence of the ligers is one such thing, as ligers are believed to be one of the biggest brand ambassadors for the preservation of the big cats.

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The presence of the ligers at Wuxi Animal Zoo is part of Big Cat Conservation program by this Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

Both the ligers at the Wuxi Animal Zoo are living in separate enclosures. Even though both the ligers are brothers but they may not have a respect for one another of any sort. In the big cats, there is no respect for the brothers, but rather the presence of any other unknown big cat of same gender is always considered as a rival. Therefore; for the safety of the both ligers, they are kept in separate enclosures. The fences of the enclosures are very high (more than 20 feet) and there is no chance that a liger can jump out of them. Therefore; there is a maximum security for the visitors visiting the zoo. Ligers look in perfect health and the zoo do provide them best food and also fresh supply of water as well. Muddy and grassy floors along with suitable shelters are perfectly provided for both of the ligers, so that they remain satisfied at their new habitat.

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A Liger at its enclosure at Wuxi Animal Liger Zoo in Jiangsu China. Photo courtesy of 

The biggest liger related event at the Wuxi Zoo came during 2014, when these two ligers were purchased on a lease from another zoo. Other than that previously there were no ligers at this zoo, so there would be no liger related event before 2014 at this zoo. Many international and local news agencies covered this event especially Global Times China quoted this news of liger leasing at its online website along with the photographs of the ligers as well. Hopefully within the coming days these ligers at the Wuxi Zoo will further create a huge buzz, as ligers are always capable of coming up with unique physical attributes.

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Wuxi Animal purchased its liger during the year 2014. Photo Courtesy of 

In short; this zoo is an amazing place to visit. There are a lot of big cats and animals at this zoo. This Zoo is not just a zoo but a complete theme park for maximum entertainment of the visitors. The current Website of this zoo is very interactive and you must visit this website ( This website is available both within English and Chinese languages as well. There are a lot of positive reviews on website about Wuxi Zoo; however; there is no mentioning of the ligers within these reviews so far.

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Wuxi Animal Zoo is a must watch place to see ligers. This Liger zoo has many other big cats as well. Photo courtesy of 


Is it possible to watch a liger at Jiangsu province of China?

Yes it is possible to watch a liger at China’s Jiangsu province as there are many online sources which do indicate the presence of the ligers at this region.

Where exactly can one see a liger at China’s Jiangsu province?

You can always visit Wuxi Animal Zoo in Jiangsu province of China to watch a real liger.

What is the exact address and location of the Wuxi Animal Zoo?

Wuxi animal zoo’s exact location is “Qiangrong Road in the Binhu District, Wuxi city, Jiangsu, China.”.

How many ligers are there at Wuxi Animal zoo?

There are at least two ligers at Wuxi Animal Zoo in China.

What are the genders of the ligers at Wuxi Animal Zoo?

Both the ligers at Wuxi Animal zoo in China are believed to be the male ligers and they are brothers.

How old are these ligers at Wuxi Animal Zoo?

Right now as of 2016, these ligers are around 4 years of age. They are very big now, as they weigh more than 800 pounds and they are almost ten feet long.