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Liger at Canberra, National Zoo & Aquarium, Australia | Liger Zoos

Australia’s Canberra Zoo is famous as a Liger Zoo as well. The exact name of this Zoo is the National Zoo & Aquarium. This zoo has become famous because of presence of the ligers. But all this associated news of ligers with Australia’s Canberra Zoo is just an online confusion. Yes they do have an exotic big cat that look just like the liger, but our careful analysis do reveal that in reality is a tigon which is just another cousin of a liger. If you are living in Australia, then perhaps you have the opportunity to unfold this mystery by easily visiting and contacting the zoo authorities. The exact address of this so called Liger Zoo (By Online People and not by the Zoo Authorities) is “National Zoo & Aquarium 999 Lady Denman Dr. Weston Creek ACT 2611, Canberra, Australia”. This Liger Zoo is spread across at least 25 Acres of land and it offers a perfect living heaven for not only exotic big cats but many other animals as well.

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Australia's National Zoo & Aquarium located at its Canberra is also known as a Liger Zoo as well. Photo Courtesy of  

Let’s move towards the Liger controversy and confusion at this Liger Zoo. Basically this Zoo should be regarded as a Tigon Zoo because the only liger like big cat present out there at that zoo was a tigon and not a liger. Yes it was a cross in between a male Siberian Tiger and a female Lioness and the result was a Tigon. In terms of its appearance the Tigon did have a mouth and tail like that of a tiger, but its skin was more brownish & orange in color. This Tigon at the Canberra Zoo had a much smaller structure as compared to ligers and even lions and tigers as well. So actually there was no liger, but in fact it was a tigon which people thought as a liger.

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The Liger at National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra Australia is basically a Tigon. People have just confused that Tigon as a Liger and mentioned it in many online sources as being a liger. Photo Courtesy of 

This Liger Zoo (so called by the liger enthusiasts) is basically a state owned zoo. Because of its location “Canberra” it is called as a Canberra Zoo rather than a National & Aquarium Zoo. This zoo is in operation for the last couple of decades. Tigons (which people thought was ligers) were part of this zoo during 1990s and 2000s. However; during 2010s, and till now as of 2014, there is no evidence of liger at this zoo. This liger zoo has many other lovely and exotic big cats as well. For an example this zoo has a pack of 5 amazing white lion which just simply look amazing.

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Picture of a Tigon at a Liger Zoo in Canberra, Australia. Photo Courtesy of 

The enclosure where the ligers (they were tigons) lived at this liger zoo was very huge. There was a larger amount of green grass land, and also its boundaries were covered with green hedges and then the grilling. Overall view of the enclosure was awesome as it allowed people to take magnificent pictures of the ligers at this zoo. The tigons did look very healthy indeed and they were offered the best quality meat along with pure hygienic conditions.

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A Tigon at its enclosure at National Zoo & Aquarium at Canberra, Australia Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

No famous event related to tigon or ligers was ever identified within Australia from any online sources. However; people mistakenly considered tigon as a liger, that could be an event itself but that was just an illusion of judgment by the individuals as people usually have very meager amount of information about the ligers so far throughout the world. We are considering it still as a liger zoo because many people thought their tigon as a liger. Furthermore; we are deliberately considering it as a liger Zoo because we want people come here to this source of information and find even most contrasting difference in between a tigon and a liger.

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The difference between a Tigon and liger is that, a Tigon has a dark brown fur while a liger has a pale brown fur. The stripes of a tigon are also darker as compared to the stripes of a liger. Photo Courtes of 

According to many individuals the overall experience of this Liger Zoo is simply amazing. But you wouldn’t find any liger out there at this zoo. In fact you wouldn’t even find a tigon at this zoo as well, as after 2007 no online information resource is confirming the presence of the tigons at the Canberra Zoo. and have rated the travel experience to be an awesome one, as there are many positive reviews about this liger zoo online.

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Canberra National Zoo and Aquarium is a Popular Liger Zoo. This zoo has gained popularity because of liger therefore; we are classifying it as a Liger Zoo, otherwise this Zoo should have been classified as a Tigon Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 


Are there any ligers in Australia?

Many stories on internet reveal that some zoos in Australia has ligers. However; our careful observations have found that these are basically not ligers but tigons.

Where can you find a liger or tigon in Australia?

If you are interested in watching a liger or tigon in Australia, you can visit Australia’s Canberra Zoo.

What is the exact address and location of Australia’s Canberra Zoo?

The address and location of Australia’s Canberra zoo is “Lady Denman Dr Weston Creek in the city of Canberra, Australia”.

How many tigons are there at Australia’s Canberra Zoo?

There are at least 2 tigons at Australia’s Canberra Zoo.

What are the genders of the Tigons at Australia’s Canberra Zoo?

Both the Tigons at Australia’s Canberra zoo are male tigons.

What is the size of the Tigons at Australia’s Canberra zoo?

Tigons at Australia’s Canberra Zoo weigh around 400 pounds. Tigons are not as big as ligers, and some findings reveal that they are even smaller the sizes of the lions and tigers.