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Liger at Zoo Arche Noah, Grömitz, Germany | Liger Zoos

Ligers are significant part of Zoo Arche Noah in Germany. This Liger Zoo is located at Germany’s Grömitz region which is adjacent to Baltic Coast Area. This Liger Zoo is in operation for the last 70 to 80 years while ligers are part of this zoo for the last 24 years as first news of the ligers from this Zoo Arche Noah emerged during 1990. If you are in Germany, the best way for you to watch a liger is to go to Grömitz Area of Germany and visit Zoo Arche Noah at that area. The exact address of this liger zoo is “Zoo Arche Noah, Mühlenstraße 32, 23743, Grömitz, Germany”. There are more than 4000 animals at this liger Zoo and ligers, tigers, lions, Leopards and Jaguars are one of them.

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Zoo Arche Noah at Gromitz Germany is a famous Liger Zoo located at Baltic Coast area of Germany. Photo Courtesy of  

According to the last reports coming from the Grömitz Liger Zoo in Germany, there were 3 ligers at Zoo Arche Noah. These three liger cubs were born on 1990. Among these liger cubs Bahier was the biggest of them all. Bahier the liger weighed well over 850 pounds and he was the biggest cat living across the European region between 1990 until now as of 2014. The name of the female liger was Silly the Liger. Silly the liger was of the same age as that of Bahier the liger, but she weighed around 500 to 600 pounds. Currently according to the latest information as of 2014, both the ligers died 4 years ago as of 2010.

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Bahier was the dominant male liger that lived for at least 20 years at Zoo Arche Noah Liger Zoo at Gromitz in Germany. Photo courtesy of 

Zoo Noah Arche is very famous zoo across Germany and around the world. The presence of the ligers at this liger zoo has certainly boosted the presence of this Zoo at global platform as well. Zoo Arche Noah is run by Wilhelm Family. They are engaged in this zoo activity from at least last 70 years and their experience allow them to satisfy the needs of the visitors visiting the zoo. Since ligers have died at the moment, other notable animals at Grömitz’s Arche Noah Zoo include Raccoons, Lamas, seals, Kangaroos, Marmots, Ferrts, Camels, Lynxes and Porcupines etc.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Silly the Liger at Zoo Arche Noah Liger Zoo. Silly was a female liger.

Picture of Silly the Liger at Zoo Arche Noah Liger Zoo. Silly was a female liger and it also lived for almost 2 decades at Zoo Arche Noah at Gromitz Germany. Photo Courtesy of 

Ligers at Zoo Arche Noah were kept in very huge enclosures. Ligers were given a huge grassy land and they loved to live in those areas. Ligers were cared against any illnesses and they were fed properly. Their strong presence within the photographs is enough to conclude that this liger zoo kept its liger in a best manner. The boundary barriers were safe and they did allow the visitors to have the best view of the whole liger enclosure but they also ensured the safety and security of the visitors viewing the ligers at their enclosures. The liger enclosure was kept clean and ligers were supplied with the fresh supply of water all the time.

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A Liger sitting at its enclosure at Zoo Arche Noah Liger Zoo at Gromitz, Germany. Photo Courtesy of 

Zoo Arche Noah did get a lot of events’ opportunities within the context of the ligers. The birth of the ligers during 1990 was a big milestone in the history of Germany because it was the only occasion in Germany, when the ligers were born at that time. During 1997, British Broadcasting Company BBC also highlighted German ligers in their article which is available at their website. At that time there were three ligers at this liger zoo and they also displayed a small video as well. According to our own observations, the German Liger Pair Picture (Bahier & Silly the Liger) from Arche Noah Zoo at Grömitz is most probably the best liger pair picture.

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The birth of the three liger cubs during 1990, at Zoo Arche Noah Liger Zoo was the most remarkable event within its history. Photo Courtesy of 

This LIger Zoo is an amazing place to visit. Even though currently they do not have ligers anymore; yet still they do have a magnificent history being associated with the ligers. They will love to share a lot of information about their life with the ligers and will certainly help many researchers to resolve many mysteries and queries related to the ligers. and have marked these places as being highly as a must visit place in Germany, as reviews of the individuals have been very positive about Zoo Noah’s Arche.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger History Zoo Arche Noah Liger Zoo. Liger cubs were born during 1990.

Zoo Arche Noah has a very rich history with ligers and this Liger Zoo is a must visit place, if you are interested about ligers and living in Germany. Photo Courtesy of 


Does Germany has any history of ligers at its zoos?

Germany used to have at least 3 ligers, but right now there is no evidence of the ligers in Germany.

Which Zoo in the Germany had ligers?

Zoo Arche Noah at Gromitz city of Germany had at least 3 ligers.

What was the gender of the ligers at Germany?

There was at least one male liger and two female ligers at Germany's Zoo Arche Noah.

What are the names of the ligers at Germany's Zoo Arche Noah?

The name of the male liger at Germany's Zoo Arche Noah is Bahia the liger, whereas; the name of the female liger was Silly the liger.

What was the size of the ligers at Germany's Zoo Arche Noah?

The male liger weighed around 850 pounds in weight. He was almost 11 feet long. The female liger was around 500 to 550 pounds and she was around 10 feet long.

When was the liger last spotted in Germany at Zoo Arche Noah?

The last liger to be ever spotted in Germany was Bahia the liger who died during the year 2010.