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Liger at Jungle Island at Miami, Florida, USA | Liger Zoos

A Liger Zoo at Miami is called jungle Island. This Liger Zoo was previously known as Parrot Jungle Island. This liger zoo is located at an Island (Watson Island, Miami, Florida) and it offers a highly interactive experience for its visitors visiting the zoo. Jungle Island not only has ligers and big cats but also a lot of other rare and endangered animals and birds as well. Ligers have been living and visiting this zoo for almost 3 decades. The best thing about this zoo is that, because of Miami’s suitable atmosphere, you can always visit the zoo at any time of the year at reasonable hours. Jungle Island is the part of The Institute of Greatly Endangered & Rare Species T.I.G.E.R.S network.

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A Liger Zoo at Miami in Florida, USA is called Jungle Island. This Liger Zoo is famous for having ligers for decads. Photo Courtesy of 

Two of the most famous ligers are also part of the Miami’s Jungle Island. These include Sinbad the Liger and Vulcan the liger. Both the ligers have been living at Jungle Island, Miami for a long time (12 years). Sinbad the liger is the tallest liger in the world, while Vulcan the liger also weighs more than 900 pounds as well. Sinbad the liger is an international celebrity as it has been approached by many global broadcasting companies as well e.g., National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, CNN, and MSNBC etc. Many liger cubs are occasionally brought to the Jungle Island as well, which are even allowed to have a live interaction with the visitors as well. Moreover; many liger cubs are always present at Jungle Island on most of the occasions whenever; you visit this liger zoo.

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Vulcan the liger lives at Jungle Island at Miami in Florida, USA. Photo Courtesy of  

Jungle Island has gained a huge popularity over the years. Having rare animals has really increased their popularity while the continued presence of the ligers has always created a great buzz about the Jungle Island. Even if you will just google Ligers in Miami, the only place the search results will trigger will Jungle Island. Dr. Bhagavan Antle and China York are mostly present at this liger zoo whenever a big event takes place which specifically includes ligers. That doesn’t mean that you cannot experience ligers, in the absence of a liger specific event, because at any time you can visit Parrot Jungle Island and witness the ligers at their enclosures as well.

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China York is always a key person that is present at the Jungle Island Liger Zoo, whenever any event unfolds regarding Ligers. Photo Courtesy of 

Ligers and all the big cats are kept in huge and massive enclosures at Jungle Island. All the enclosures meet the safety and precautionary measurements of USDA and it is updated on regular basis. Even the authorities claim that we have implemented more security mechanisms than directed by Federal USDA authorities to ensure risk free environment at the zoo. All the enclosures are kept clean and they are updated & renovated on the regular basis as well. Best food is provided to the animals at the zoo and this is the key reason that all the animals including ligers have always looked well-fed at the Jungle Island. Ligers are kept with tigers at the Jungle Island, and you can even watch them from the glass view as well to have a live and direct experience.

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Vulcan the Liger sitting at its enclosure in a Liger Zoo (Jungle Island) at Miami, Florida, USA. Vulcan and many other ligers at Jungle Island enjoy spacious and clean enclosures at this Liger Zoo. Photo Courtesy of 

Parrot Jungle Island has always witnessed series of events throughout the years. Each year Hercules the liger visits Jungle Island during the winter season. You can always have a live photograph with Hercules the liger at Jungle Island. Many people have snapped these photographs having them in front while having Hercules the liger at the back. Liger cubs are always brought and you can lift them along with you to have a live photograph session with them. Recently the newly born white liger cubs were also brought to the zoo, while China York had a live demonstration about ligers in front of the large audience as well.

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China York displaying white liger cubs to the general public at Jungle Island. White Liger Cubs are very rare and it has been a great honor for this Liger Zoo to display white liger cubs. Photo Courtesy of 

Overall Jungle Island is an impressive Liger Zoo and the presence of ligers even makes it more phenomenal and amazing. The biggest plus point at Jungle Island is the possibility of the live interaction with the ligers and liger cubs. Each time the event takes place there is a sense of creativity and uniqueness within the event. Visitors’ presence is always valued at Jungle Island and this is the core reason that this place has gain a tremendous popularity throughout the years. If you will ever go to Miami, never forget to visit Jungle Island, and of course ligers the biggest of the big cat group living on planet earth.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Interaction at Liger Zoo at Jungle Island Miami, Florida, USA.

Jungle Island is the only Liger Zoo in the world, where you can have a live interaction with ligers. You can even hold liger cubs on most of the occasions which itself is a phenomenal stuff. Photo Courtesy of 


Where can I watch ligers in Miami, Florida (USA)?

You can always watch liger by visiting Jungle Island which is located at Miami, in the state of Florida, USA.

What are the names of the ligers living at Jungle Island in Miami?

Jungle Island has two famous ligers named as Vulcan the liger and Sinbad the liger.

What are the sizes and weights of the ligers at Jungle Island in Miami?

Both Vulcan the liger and Sinbad the liger weight well over 900 pounds and they are 11 feet long.

Who are the famous liger trainers at Jungle Island?

Dr. Bhagavan Antle and China York are the famous liger trainers at Jungle Island. But they only visit there during special occasions and often take Hercules the liger to Jungle Island as well.

Are there any liger cubs at Jungle Island?

Jungle Island occasionally has liger cubs and they even allow visitors to hold them in their hands as well. Even world’s first white liger cubs were also brought to Jungle Island in Miami.

Does Jungle Island breed ligers?

Jungle Island is not known to breed ligers. Both Vulcan the liger and Sinbad the ligers were born at South Carolina and they were later brought to Jungle Island in Miami.