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Liger at Wild Animal Safari at Stafford, Missouri, USA | Liger Zoos

Wild Animal Safari Park is a very famous liger Zoo in United States. The Zoo is located at Stafford, Missouri. If you are looking for a Wild Animal Adventure, then Wild Animal Safari Zoo very much fulfills your safari needs by offering huge range of wild and exotic animals including lions, tigers and ligers. Currently there are 2 ligers at the Wild Animal Safari Zoo. You can always visit this liger Zoo at the following address – Wild Animal Safari – 124 Jungle Dr. Stafford, Missouri, USA. You can also contact the Zoo and confirm the presence of the liger at the following official phone number +1 417 859 5300 of Wild Animal Safari Park. The Zoo itself is basically a Safari Park which always gives you an impression of moving in a jungle and watching wild animals while sitting in your vehicle.

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A Liger Zoo in Missouri is called Wild Animal Safari. Photo Courtesy of 

As mentioned earlier, the Wild Animal Safari Zoo has only 2 ligers. Unfortunately the names of both the ligers are not yet known as online information sources do not mention the names of these ligers. However; both of these ligers are most probably female ligers, as they don’t have any mane around her neck, while they are still as huge and massive as male lions and male tigers. Female ligers are observed to be as huge as male lions and male tigers but they don’t grow as bigger as the male ligers. The presence of the female ligers at the Wild Animal Safari Zoo also gives a greater probability of Li-Ligers and Ti-Ligers, as the female ligers are most of the time fertile.

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Ligers swimming at Wild Animal Safari at at Stafford, Missouri, USA. Photo Courtesy 

This zoo Wild Animal Safari is itself a very popular zoo in Missouri. The presences of ligers further excite the visitors and also motivate the people to visit the zoo and watch these magnificent creatures. Apart from ligers the zoo offers hundreds of big cats as well. The Zoo itself is massive and it is spread across 250 acres of land. The Safari traveling at Wild Animal Safari Zoo of Missouri offers 5 miles of journey through a bus service at the zoo, which gives a real time experience that is much closer to a real animal safari.

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Picture of a Liger at Missouri Wild Animal Safari. The presence of the ligers really makes animal safari at this Liger Zoo as an awesome experience. Photo Courtesy 

Currently the ligers at the Wild Animal Safari Zoo in Missouri are kept in very large enclosure. This liger enclosure is full of basic and advanced facilities for the ligers. Currently this liger enclosure is shared in between two female ligers. The house of the ligers is made up of Rocky blocks which looks very attractive and gives a natural impression of the caves like that in the wild. Ligers are given clean drinking water and a well heighted wooden berth is always there for the ligers to sit and enjoy the happenings at the far end. The boundaries of the zoo are protected with long grill barriers which are as high as 15 feet at least and they do meet with safety requirements of USDA Authorities.

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A Liger within its enclosure at Misouri Wild Animal Safari USA. Photo courtesy of 

All the liger related events at the Wild Animal Zoo are specifically related to the Safari visits of the visitors. So we can well conclude that liger related events at the zoo are rather very rare and limited. No specific news coverage has been given to the ligers at the Missouri Zoo by the Media Authorities. Ligers’ names are not publically mentioned in any news source, which also hinders the publicity of the ligers. However; on facebook they do offer some pictures of the ligers, but that is indeed very limited if you have to specifically boost information about the ligers at your zoo. Most probably this is the key reason that not many people around USA in the rest of the states and around the world know that ligers live at the Wild Animal Safari Zoo in Missouri, USA.

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A Roaring Liger at Missouri Wild Animal Safari Liger zoo in USA. Ligers at this Liger Zoo haven't received much publicity than the ligers in Florida and Myrtle Beach Safari. Photo Courtesy of 

However; overall experience of the Zoo according to the online reviews is very positive. Whoever; visits the Wild Animal Safari Zoo, never forgets to mention their experience with the ligers. The zoo is not much expensive, which is a very positive sign, and by spending just a few bucks you can basically enjoy almost all the big cats at Wild Animal Safari Park in Missouri. Many people on and website have reviewed Missouri’s Wild Animal Safari Zoo with 5 star ratings. In short it is always worthy to visit the zoo and enjoy watching the ligers at the zoo.

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Missouri Liger Zoo is very famous for Wild Animal Safari and people love to visit and enjoy ligers at this Liger Zoo.  


Are there any Liger Zoos within the state of Missouri, USA?

Yes there is one liger zoo at the state of Missouri in USA. The name of this liger zoo is Wild Animal Safari.

Where is Wild Animal Safari Liger Zoo, located?

The Wild Animal Safari Liger Zoo is located at Stafford, within the state of Missouri in USA. This zoo offers perfect animal safari where you can always enjoy ligers as well.

How many ligers are there at Wild Animal Safari Liger Zoo?

Right now there are about two ligers at Wild animal Safari in Missouri. One of the liger is a male liger while the other liger is a female liger.

What are the sizes of the ligers at the wild Animal Safari Liger Zoo?

The size of the male liger is nearly 900 pounds. This male liger has a mane around his neck. The size of the female liger is around 500 pounds.

How are the ligers treated at Wild Animal Safari?

It does look like that the ligers are treated very well. Their enclosures are huge and spacious. Moreover; they enjoy a clean pool of water as well. The ligers look very health. Therefore; we can conclude that ligers are treated in a very nice at the Wild Animal Safari.

What is the response of the people towards Wild Animal Safari liger zoo?

The overall response from people about Animal Safari liger zoo is very positive. The presence of ligers and many other rare animals have made this zoo very popular. The website has recommended positively about this zoo.