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Liger at Wildlife Waystation at Los Angeles, California, USA | Liger Zoos

A Liger Zoo named as Wildlife Waystation has always welcomed ligers to reside at their premises. This Liger Zoo is located in California, USA, at 14831 Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Angeles National Forest. The Zoo basically offers perfect animal safari and has other big cats too apart from ligers. The Wildlife Waystation Zoo labels itself as an Animal Sanctuary for Exotic Animals. The Wildlife Waystation Zoo has so far rescued more than 80,000 animals. Wildlife Waystation Zoo is in operation since 1977 and Martine Collette is the founding member of Wildlife Waystation Zoo.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Zoo Wild Life Waystation is located at California, USA.

Liger Zoo Wildlife Way Station is located at Californian State of USA. This Liger Zoo is famous for having ligers and other big cats. Photo Courtesy of 

Wildlife Waystation Zoo has ligers from at their animal sanctuary from least last 2 decades. Currently they have a female liger at their animal sanctuary. This female liger has been the part of the zoo since 1990s. The name of the female liger at Wildlife Waystation is believed to be Ariana the Liger. Ariana the liger was rescued during 1990s, because she was abandoned by its owners at that time. The Wildlife Waystation welcomed Ariana the liger at that time, and brought it to its Zoo in California. During 1990s, the zoo made a combined effort with the cops to recover 3 liger cubs, which were destined to be smuggled in the most miserable conditions. The 3 liger cubs were brought to the Wildlife Waystation Zoo and lived at the zoo for the rest of their lives.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Ariana the Liger lives at Wildlife Waystation Liger Zoo.

Ariana the Liger lives at Wildlife Waystation in California USA. Photo Courtesy of 

This Liger Zoo is very famous within United States, especially in California. Many celebrities regularly visit Wildlife Waystation and donate huge sums of money to the zoo. Famous celebrity Sharon Stone has not only donated huge amount of money for the Wildlife Waystation, but she has also campaigned for the zoo on Social Media as well as their brand ambassador as well. Other famous celebrities have also lauded the efforts of Wildlife Waystation Zoo and they have always shown a great degree of surprise upon learning about the presence of ligers at their Zoo. Since Wildlife Waystation is a non-profit organization, therefore; it requires donations on regular basis. Donations are spent for the well-being of the ligers and other big cats and animals present at the zoo.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Wildlife Waystation is a famous Liger Zoo at California USA.

Wildlife Waystation is a famous Liger Zoo in USA. Many celebrities are frequent visitors at Wildlife Waystation Liger Zoo in USA. The Presence of the liger really attracts a lot of visitors at Wildlife Waystation. Photo Courtesy of 

Ligers and all the other big cats are always kept in perfectly suitable enclosures. These liger enclosures are kept clean to ensure the maximum hygiene security for the ligers. For the good health of the ligers and other big cats the enclosures are kept very spacious and tall, so that they can move freely across the enclosure. They even run and jump around within the enclosures as well. All the animals are given safe and healthiest food. A fresh water supply is always ensured at the enclosures for the animals and the same facility is provided to the ligers as well. Most importantly all the enclosures at Wildlife Waystation Zoo always meet USDA requirements for the maximum security and safety of the visitors and animals.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Enclosure at Wildlife Waystation in California USA.

Ariana the Liger lives in a very spacious enclosure at Wildlife Waystation in California USA. Photo Courtesy of 

Wildlife Waystation Zoo has always buzzed with liger related events on many occasions. The biggest of these occasions came during 1995, when the Zoo authorities along with the security authorities recovered big cats including lions and ligers in very deplorable and miserable conditions. Ligertown at that time was responsible for these acts, and Wildlife Waystation rescued many of their animals and brought to their zoo for giving them the best experience of their life. Occasionally celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Diana Agron are the biggest supporters of Wildlife Waystation and regularly contribute events, activities, promotion and rescue campaign for ligers and rest of the animals at the zoo.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Liger Rescue at Wildlife Waystation Liger Zoo in California, USA.

Wildlife Waystation Liger Zoo has rescued a lot of Ligers. Photo Courtesy of 

This liger Zoo overall offers a great degree of excitement for the visitors. The best thing about the Wildlife Waystation Zoo is its huge history and massive land coverings of more than 150 acres of land. Plus the presence of liger and other diversified species of animals further make this place a spectacular place to visit. Many famous celebrities (Sharon Stone & Nicollette Sheridan) and charity organizations such as P.E.T.A. have worked with Wildlife Waystation which makes it even more popular destination to visit. We will personally recommend visiting the zoo, and donating for the animals, so that all the animals at Wildlife Waystation live in essential and excellent living conditions. Also don’t forget to watch liger at Wildlife Waystation Zoo.

     Linkedin    Google+    Pinterest    VK  Sharon Stone has worked with Wildlife Waystation Liger Zoo in California, USA.

Famous celebrity Sharon Stone has worked with Wildlife Waystation Liger Zoo at California on numbers of occasions. Photo Courtesy of 


Are there any Liger Zoos in California?

Yes there is a Liger Zoo in California which is known as Wildlife Waystation.

Where is Wild Life Waystation located?

Wildlife Waystation Liger Zoo is located in the city Los Angeles, California, USA. Wildlife Waystation is a very popular destination across California.

For how long, Wildlife Waystation has ligers at its zoo premises?

Ligers are part of Wildlife Waystation for almost 2 decades. During 1990s, they first introduced ligers to their animal sanctuary and since then they have kept ligers regularly.

How many animals have been rescued by Wildlife Waystation?

Wildlife Waystation has been able to rescue more than 80,000 animals. Majority of these animals include lions, tigers, jaguars, caracals and even ligers as well.

Which celebrities have been associated with Wildlife Waystation?

Famous Hollywood celebrity Sharon Stone has been associated with Wildlife Waystation for a long time. She has worked with the zoo and supported the zoo on various occasions.

How are animals treated at Wildlife Waystation?

All the animals are properly cared at the Wildlife Waystation. Their enclosures are kept clean and they are very spacious as well. Moreover; all the animals look very healthy at this liger zoo.